Time until Woodsball Tournament League #12 At Fightertown


Operation: Wildly innappropriate

Mission Debriefing:

(In 2010), a Wildly Inappropriate crack commando unit was separated from their main unit, Art of War; by unforeseen circumstances. These men promptly escaped to the Arizona Paintball underground.

Today, still wanted, they survive as soldiers of fortune.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can’t find The A-Team, maybe you can join or hire... The W.I Team!



Other News:

When the Arizona Milsim paintball community lost one of their well-known Teams – Art of War, in 2010, Wildly Inappropriate Spec-Ops (W.I Spec-Ops) was formed as a official sister team. Art of War was formed and committed to play with honor, dedication and integrity, both on and off the field. As an official sister team to Art of War, it is our mission is take up where they left off and we sought a sponsorship that would assist us in keeping that reputation, provide us with the best gear available, and look good doing it.

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It is with great excitement that we are pleased to announce our new sponsorship with Valken Sports. We would like to thank Valken for taking on us and we are determined not to disappoint! Wearing Valkens top-of–the-line Zulu V-Cam clothing and their high-quality tactical Echo and Tango gear and accessories, helps W.I. operators push the limits of their gear, without fail

W.I Spec-Op’s official 2011 season starts with Mission 1 in the Milsim Corps League on March 5th, 2011 at Fightertown Paintball Park, followed by the Woodsball Tournament League game on March 26th.


Team Affliates:

STeelCHfinger Scenario Productions Mesa Paintball Supply  Valken Sports

Milsim Corp Whiskey Two-Four

Team Fields:

Fighter Town Paintball Park